Why we call it Secure Box Self Storage Reason #3

Published on 11/21/2017

It's only a few mice!

Our Storage Units are air tight therefore mice and other vermin can't get in to pillage.  Have you ever seen how much damage a mouse can do to household goods given some time.  Mice with their razor sharp teeth can chew through wood, cardboard, Sheetrock, cloths, furniture, paper, and yes even plastic.  Mice can walk up ropes or strings, slip under closed doors and even leap small buildings in a single bound, or at least leap out of a 2ft tall 5 gallon bucket.  Relatively the feat of the mouse jumping out of a 5 gallon bucket (See Youtube video of the same) is equivalent to a 6ft man jumping on top of a 12 story building.  In choosing to do battle with mice we are taking on some titans of the small world, and the stakes are high, it behooves us to use all of the technology we have on hand to defeat these small demons of the razor tooth clan.  We can attempt to mitigate the mice in a facility by setting traps or poison and this will keep most mice out of a facility. 

Since it is literally impossible to keep all of the mice out of a Self Storage Facility, no matter what we do we need to take care to keep mice out of the storage units themselves.  Since there are almost always cracks in new construction it is nearly impossible to build a Self Storage Facility that is mouse proof.  On the other hand building a Conex Container with 3 Walls a floor and a ceiling with cargo doors and a rubber seal to seal the whole thing airtight.  This has been done for years and is done for shipping goods across the oceans on barges where mice & rats live but don’t penetrate any of these containers.