Why Do You Need a Storage Unit?

Published on 1/22/2021
Until I rented my first storage unit, I wondered why anyone would ever need one.  I think this is how most people think. They think "Why would I pay for a storage unit that I have to drive to, costs me money every month, and puts the care of my things into someone else's hands?" As it turns out, getting a storage unit reduced the amount of stress I felt every time I walked through my cluttered garage, filled with things that I rarely ever used and most of which was not at all needed during that part of the year, whether it be snow shovels and Christmas decor, or the big plastic pool that we put out during the summer.  At least half of the things that bothered me so much weren't needed at all at any one time. 

I have also found that storage units are invaluable for people who are in the process of moving, or just staying somewhere for a short amount of time. College students can really use a unit while they are in town to keep bulkier items that they may need, a bike, snowboard or skiis, etc, that can't fit in their dorm or apartment.  They may also need them for keeping things over the summer until they come back so they don't have to move everything back and forth for summer vacation.

As it turns out, our storage facility, Secure Box Self Storage offers the most secure units available at a great price. Units start at just $30 a month.  They are made from steel shipping containers with wind and water tight seals, meaning that no mice, water, or even dust can get in to damage your valuables. This is simply not the case with other facilities. The doors are also much stronger than the typical storage unit door and include a 1/4 inch thick lock box ensuring that only you have access to your unit.  On top of all that, our facility is guarded entirely by an 8 foot fence topped with barb wire, 24 hour recording cameras, a live in manager, and an electronic gate.

Our website and rent process is easy to use and is as simple as visiting the site, clicking the "Rent Storage" page or button, creating an account, selecting the unit size you want, and entering billing information.  From there our manager, Kira, will confirm your rental and give you your gate key. It's really that easy! You can also call Kira and she can set up the rental for you without having to use the website.

We hope that you will rent your storage unit from us and are excited to deliver great value and customer service.

Secure Box Self Storage is located at 1702 N Bulldog Road in Cedar City.