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We have an Electronic Access controlled gate, On-Site Managers, a 8 ft fence around the whole perimeter with barbed wire on the top.  Our units are Dust Proof, Mouse Proof, and The highest Security Available. When you rent from us, you'll have 24-hour access to Your belongings.

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All The Convenience And Security You Need

Theft Proof
Mouse Proof
Dust Proof
Water Proof
24 Hour Access
Variety of unit sizes available
Drive-up Access
Completely Fenced Facility
Electronic Gate Access Control
Digital Video Surveillance
Online Bill Pay
On-site manager

Why Use Secure Box Self Storage?

Your Valuables are Safer with Us!

Not only safe from theft but also safe from the ravages of dust, water, dirt, grime and mice.  We have a very secure storage  facility, with Electronic and Physical Security, including 8ft fences with barbed wire on the top, a digital keypad on the gate, and a live on-site manager.  For our Storage we use new solid steel international shipping containers with a steel lock box, making them the most secure units in town! These storage units have a collapsible rubber seal which makes them dust proof, water proof, and rodent proof.  The real security is in the box you store your goods in.  The boxes we use are made to be shipped around the world full of valuable merchandise without having a loss from theft or the elements. 

Since it is impossible to keep all of the mice out of a Storage Unit Facility, no matter what we do we need to take care to keep the little critters out of the self storage units themselves.  Since there are always cracks in new construction it is impossible to build a Self Storage Facility that is mouse proof.  Building a Conex Container with 3 Walls a floor and a ceiling with cargo doors and a rubber seal to seal the whole thing airtight.  This has been done for years and is done for shipping goods across the oceans on barges where mice & rats live but don't penetrate these containers,  These are the same containers we are using in Cedar City Utah for storage units to store household goods and furniture.  These same containers stand up to 20 years of outside torture stored above decks on barges traveling through some of the worst weather this world has to offer.  After 20 years of traveling the high seas in salt water and high winds these boxes are then retired.  We however pull these boxes from service after their first trip across the ocean when all the paint is still new. 

Outside RV Storage

                               RV Dump                                      
Potable Water
Wide 12' X 40' Lanes

Video Surveillance

100% Fenced Yard

Electronic Gate and Access control
Wide turn lanes
Large entry

Rent and Pay Online

Our website is easy to use and has all the features for a rich interactive experience. We make renting storage units easy and hassle free!  You can view your account online at any time, print out bills, or make payments from your phone.  We can do monthly automatic billing from your checking account, debit card, or credit card.  Or we can send you bills and reminders via email or text.  You can pay your account online at any time, print out bills, or make payments from your phone through our online portal.  Look on our rental page and you can see the units we have available and their prices.

Our Storage Units are air tight so that mice and other vermin can't get in to pillage.  Have you ever seen the damage a mouse can do to household goods in some time.  Mice with their sharp little teeth can chew through wood, cloths, furniture, , cardboard, sheet rock, paper, and yes even plastic.  Mice can climb up ropes or strings, slip under doors and even leap small buckets in a single bound, or at least leap out of a 2ft tall 5 gallon bucket.  Relatively a mouse jumping out of a 5 gallon bucket (See You Tube video of the same) is equivalent to a 6ft man jumping to the top of a 12 story building.  In choosing to do battle with mice we are taking on some titans of the small world, and the stakes are high, it is wise for us to use all of the technology we have on hand to defeat these tiny demons of the razor tooth clan. 

We have defeated these tiny demons at Secure Box Self Storage by starting with Secure Boxes and moving forward from there  By building up a facility full of these secure box storage units we have a Self Storage Facility safe from the ravages of these tiny monsters. 

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