Why we call it Secure Box Self Storage Reason #2

Published on 10/14/2017

A 10-gauge steel lock box,

Protects your lock from would be thieves so you can be sure your valuables are safe and secure.


Studies have shown, and my own personal experience has shown that most thefts in Self Storage Facilities are committed by one Self Storage Customer on the storage unit of another Customer.  That's why individual unit security is so critical, with the 10 gauge steel lock box that is on everyone of our super secure units.  The steel box wraps your lock in a nearly impenetrable thick steel wrapper protecting your lock from the hands of would be thieves.  It makes breaking into a single storage unit at least 10 times as hard due to this 10 gauge steel wrapper.  Rather than wear themselves and their equipment out, and put themselves at risk standing and smiling for the camera for 20-30 minutes would be thieves just go elsewhere to an easier target.  The enhanced Self Storage Unit Security makes for far better overall Self Storage Facility Security.