Why we call it Secure Box Self Storage Reason #1

Published on 12/21/2017


The Conex Box

The Conex Box was originally invented in 1948 by the US Army Transportation Corps and used in World War II as the “Transporter” it was originally developed to carry just 9,000lbs.  Today these boxes which are almost universally known as CONEX (Container Express) boxes and can carry 55,000lb.  To get to the U.S., CONEX boxes that travel by sea must meet strict ISO manufacturing standards set by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). These standards ensure any goods stored inside is protected from harsh elements experienced at sea, including wind, rain, snow, ice, and beating sun. The average ocean going lifespan of a CONEX box is 25 years.  They haven’t rated the lifespan of these boxes when they are sitting in a graveled yard it is certainly double the lifespan of a box exposed to salt water every day.

The Conex boxes we use for storage at our facility are “new” (One trip across the ocean is considered new) they are built for storage of household and business goods.  Sealed tight against Water, Dust, Mice, Theft these boxes also have forgiving marine-grade, wood flooring that won’t tear the legs off your table or couch and doesn’t have the condensation problems of steel.    

Engineered to safely transport items overseas, shipping containers are built to last and endure harsh weather conditions. That’s why 20-ft and 40-ft ISO Conex boxes work so well for household storage applications. 

Shipping containers are constructed of sturdy, 14-gauge, corrugated, galvanized steel that resists the elements, rust, and rodents. Heavy-duty, marine-grade, wood flooring and a die-stamped, steel roof creates a safe haven for contents or cargo stored inside.

Conex boxes provide a safe and sturdy environment suitable for storage, industrial enclosures, living quarters, office space, military solutions, and more.

The entire box is a welded 14 gauge steel box that is made to survive 25 years of going back and forth across the ocean the box walls are made from 14 gauge, 0.075 inch corrugated sheet steel panels that are welded to the main structure which is 7 gauge tubular steel. The top and bottom side rails and end frames are 7 gauge tubular steel. The steel used to build these Secure Boxes is a corrosion resistant high-strength low-alloy steel.  These boxes are built to handle the biggest ocean gales and to carry a payload of up to 55,000lbs.  

These Conex boxes are plenty strong to hold all of the household goods you can stuff into one.  When you come back to get your household goods they will still be there because of the lock box which secures even an inexpensive lock from tampering.  Also your goods will be save from the elements, including weather and creatures. Just as these boxes seal the textiles, electronics, etc that we buy from over seas your personal household goods will be kept in a safe cocoon so they will be the same when you pick them up as when you stored them.  Our partner Kustom Container, provides Conex Boxes has had people store household goods for years in a construction zone and there was only a thin layer of dust, less than you would have had storing it in your own house.